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Decatur, IL

IL District Fine Arts Festival

Apr 25, 2020

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Coordinator Info
  • You MUST provide your students with your email address BEFORE they are able to complete their Participant Registration Form. Once they have completed their Participant Registration form, you will receive an email confirmation that they have done so. If you have a student that says they have completed the form, yet you have not received a confirmation of such, please check your email spam folder. If there is still question, contact our office.
  • This year, Fine Arts Coordinators will have added time to collect your Participants’ payments and compile all of your needed information after the Participant deadline.
  • Participant Registration Deadlines: Early – March 23rd; Regular – March 30th.
  • Church Registration Deadlines: Early – March 26th; Regular – April 2nd.
  • It is your responsibility as the Church Fine Arts Coordinator to make sure early registration is done in time for your participants to receive the early pricing. If you have students who register by the Participant early registration deadline (March 23rd), but you do not submit the Church Registration in time to receive this pricing (March 26th), then you will still be responsible for the Regular (not Early) Registration Pricing.  Your church may absorb this fee if necessary.
  • If you require paper forms, please contact our office to obtain.  ISM will only be accepting online registration forms, so you will be responsible for collecting and entering any paper forms obtained from your students if you choose this method. Please note: If you will be entering your students’ registrations online from collected paper forms, you will need to also bring paper forms containing original parent & participant signatures to the Fine Arts Festival.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your students are aware of deadlines. They will be strictly enforced.
  • If you have any students who will have not yet used, and will be using, their 2019 $25 Merit Award Certificate, please indicate this on the Church Registration form, and then mail the original Certificate to the ISM office postmarked no later than April 6th, 2020 (which is also the payment postmark deadline if paying by check). If the original certificate is not received, the discount will be removed and you will be responsible for the full payment.
What is Kappa Tau?

Kappa Tau is a discipleship tool of the Assemblies of God designed to help students continue discovering and developing their ministry gifts after they have graduated from high school and are no longer eligible for the Fine Arts Festival. Through this Festival, college-aged participants are given the opportunity to continue developing their ministry gifts by having their entries evaluated by qualified professionals, teachers and ministers who encourage excellence and offer ideas for improvement.  Specific information developed for the Kappa Tau portion of the festival including a Kappa Tau rule book can be found at

When and how are writing entries to be turned in?

All writing division entries will be judged at the event.  All entries must be brought to the event no later than 9:00 AM on 4/6/19.

Where can I get promo videos and materials?

Promo videos and other promo material are available online at and are also available at

Need help starting a Fine Arts Ministry in your church? Have questions? Your Illinois Fine Arts Coordinator, Christi Bennett, would be more than happy to come meet with your group!

Christi Bennett