Lake Williamson Christian Center
Carlinville, IL

Breakaway Kids Camp Week 1

Jun 8, 2020
Jun 12, 2020

2020 registration is expected to be available on our website by March 1, 2020

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Registration & Pricing

Early Bird
May 1, 2020
May 9, 2020
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Available for purchase for $8+ through the online registration portal through May 25th (for Kids Camp) or June 22nd (for Teen Camp). If we have extras, they will be available in the camp store for $12+ during the event.


A registration is not considered completed until the $100 deposit has been secured. This deposit MUST include payment for tshirt and high ropes course add-ons. Registration must be PAID IN FULL on or before the first day of camp. No deposits will be accepted without the camper(s) application submitted. Payments should be made to your church and they will forward to us.


Refunds for students who are unable to attend must be requested with an official Refund Request Form which can be obtained through our office. It is desired that monies are transferred to another student with a balance from your group first. If there is no one to transfer funds too then a Refund will be submitted for approval with a $50 retainer fee withheld. Refunds will NOT be processed until the END of camp season. We cannot refund money for a partial week of camp or if a student has been expelled.

Kids Camp breaks down into the following two programs:

1-2 Camp for those students who are completing 1st or 2nd Grade

3-6 Camp for those students who are completing 3rd through 6th Grade.

These programs run on completely different schedules specially designed for the benefit of the children who are in the age group. Therefore, first and second graders are not allowed to 'bump up' to the 3-6 program.

2020 registration is expected to be available on our website by March 1, 2020. All registrations will be done online. Early Bird Registration Deadline is 6/1/20 to secure the price of $209. Regular Registration Deadline is 6/8/20 to secure the price of $235. All registrations after 6/8/20 are $260, including walk-ons. Counselor Rate is $45. One-on-one Counselor or Assistant Counselor Rate is $145 with availability contingent on room vacancy. Deposits should be in the mail and postmarked no later than 7 days after the appropriate deadline. If your deposit is not received in a timely manner, your registration fee will be automatically increased to the fit the time frame of which your deposit is received.

No phone registrations, nor incomplete registrations will be accepted. Walk-ons will be accepted based on our capacity and counselor to camper ratio as well as having a parent release on file. All monies must be received by registration check-in on Monday for a student to attend. Online registration will be turned off 2 weeks before each ‘week 1’ of camp begins (kids camp - May 25, 2020) or once rooming has begun, but registration will still be open. Contact the ISM office or your church directly for application instructions at that time.

*1-2 Camp requires 2 Counselors per room, therefore the 1st two Counselors in 1-2 Camp will be $45.