Calvary Church
Naperville, IL

Momentum Conference

Nov 19, 2021
Nov 20, 2021

Dynamic speakers, high energy music, powerful worship, and inspirational workshops...don't miss our annual Momentum Conference! More information coming soon.

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Brandon Cormier

Brandon Cormier was born in the Cajun lands of Louisiana and raised by parents who were committed to serving God and the local church. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Brandon joined Youth With A Mission for 5 months of discipleship, training in hearing God’s voice, and serving on the mission fields of Calcutta, India, and Capetown, South Africa. This was a significant time that marked Brandon’s heart with a burning passion for intercession and leading environments of encounter. Brandon also earned his Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University. During that season, Brandon married his best friend, Octavia, and the two have consistently labored side by side in discipling and mentoring young people both at church and in their home. Brandon has spent the last 12 years serving in full time ministry at 3 churches in a combination of roles as youth pastor (impacting hundreds of students on a weekly basis), intern director (influencing over 300 interns from across the country over six years), student conference director of a movement that gathered 5,000 young people to grow in passionate prayer, and leader of an annual prayer gathering inspiring & equipping hundreds of youth pastors to grow and lead from the place of prayer. Employing his musical, public speaking, and theatrical gifts, Brandon zealously articulates God’s Word in a transformational way to youth and adults of this generation. He also travels nationally and internationally leading mission trips and speaking at conferences/retreats and coaching young leaders and youth pastors. Brandon & Octavia’s highest priority is parenting their beautiful daughters Riyan Nicole (5 yrs. old) & Norah Grace (3 yrs old). Riyan is an aspiring gymnast with hopes to be a mom someday. And Norah, well she is still figuring out her life!

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Nelson Vargas

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Registration & Pricing

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October 15, 2021
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Momentum Big Announcement

Big Announcement:

As you may have noticed, we haven't announced a location for Momentum 2021 yet. That is because we have been in the process of transitioning away from the BOS Convention Center in Springfield.

The BOS has been incredible in ISM for decades. I remember attending when it was called the Prairie Capital Convention Center with "IYCM". There are so many memories in that building from calls to ministry to calls for help when a live tiger got loose under the bleachers 😆. That building carries a special weight for me personally as well. I can point to the place on the pavement where I was called to the ministry for the first time.

Even though I will miss the BOS, I'm excited to make new memories with the ISM family at Calvary Church in Naperville. Calvary has graciously decided to open their amazing facilities as the new host location for Momentum. Not only will this transition to Calvary save ISM tens of thousands of dollars, but it will also be refreshing to host our event at a spirit filled church with spirit filled leadership. Don't get me wrong, the people at the BOS have always been very kind and professional but working with one of our #teamillinois churches creates a partnership that is focused on transformation over transaction.

Let me answer some questions before they are asked:

Will the dates remain the same?

Yes, November 19-20, 2021.

Will the cost remain the same?

Yes, we are excited to provide the same amazing experience for leaders and students. Yes, we are saving money by moving the event to Naperville, and that is money we will turn right around and use for even more resourcing, discipleship, and events designed to empower and enrich the entire ISM family.

What if I already booked my hotels in Springfield?

Cancel them. There is more than enough time to cancel your hotels in Springfield without penalty. You will find a new list of hotels on the ISM website included in Momentum information by the end of the week.

Is the integrity principal still a thing?

Absolutely! If you have a student that is unsaved and has not been to your youth ministry, they get to come to Momentum without having to pay the registration fee.

For every 10 students is a free leader still?

Yes, and lead pastors can come for free as well.

Is there enough room at Calvary?

Yes... absolutely.

What else should we know?

More hotels, more food options, more flexibility in the schedule, way better parking, smoother transitions from vehicle to seat with students... there are so many little perks that come with this transition.

And the biggest question:

This moves the event up north, what about our South Region Churches?

This was the hardest part of making the transition. Moving to Naperville does decentralize the event. However, if you consider the "Big 3" events... Camp, Fine Arts, and Momentum... we now have one event more to the south (camp), one that is central (Fine Arts), and one that is more north (Momentum). At the end of the day, this comes down to stewardship. Staying at the BOS was not sustainable long term and practically speaking, there are no churches that can hold Momentum except for Calvary in Naperville.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out. We want this to be a smooth transition and an exciting opportunity for the entire ISM family.

See you in November family!

~ Pastor Chris Stanley

Group Pricing


$60 registration per person submitted on or before October 15, 2021. T-shirts can be purchased during early registration thru the October 15th deadline and are an additional $10 per registration. All others can purchase them on-site for $15 while supplies last.


$80 regular registration per person submitted after October 15, 2021 & including all on-site registrants.

Group Agreement

Registration & Special Promotional Offers

All conference registrations are non-refundable. Leaders are charged the same admission cost as students. We do not offer a discounted registration for those attending a portion of the conference. Early registration pricing and pre-ordering Momentum T-shirts are only applicable to registrations that are PAID IN FULL AND SUBMITTED ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 15, 2021. Please DO NOT send cash or Personal Checks. We accept money orders, cashier checks or church check payment for registration monies due. This year, we will offer credit card payment option with processing fee. Outstanding payments must be received prior to or upon arrival. We cannot make exceptions to these registration policies.

We allow the Senior Pastor (and spouse) of your church to attend Momentum free of charge. This special dispensation cannot be transferred to any other attendee from your group.

We offer a special scholarship for students qualifying under the Integrity Principle. The Integrity Principle allows students in your youth ministry to invite their unsaved friends to Momentum Youth Conference for free. Students qualifying under the Integrity Principle must be an unsaved young person and cannot simply be an infrequent attendee of your church and/or youth ministry. He/she cannot be someone who has previously attended Momentum. The individual names and addresses of Integrity Principle students must be recorded in the form provided after online registration is completed, and must be approved by both the Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor/Leader of the church in order to qualify for this scholarship.

We offer a special discount for churches registering large groups of students. For every TEN paying STUDENTS, we will allow you to bring ONE LEADER for free. This special pricing can only be honored for early registrations postmarked on or before OCTOBER 15, 2021. Leader discount cannot be transferred to any student registration. Integrity students and/or paying leaders do not count toward the ten-paying-student quota.

Reserved area seating is only applicable to groups pre-registering 25 or more for Momentum by October 15, 2021 postmark deadline and are only valid for Momentum general sessions. Groups will be notified of their assignment on the day of registration. There will be no changes to the seating assignment without forfeiting reserved privileges.  Please let us know if you or anyone from your group has any special disabilities for seating purposes (wheel chair accessibility, hearing impaired, etc..).

Event Schedule

(subject to change)


12-2PM - Registration

2:30PM - Doors Open

3 PM- General Session 1

5-7PM - Dinner (on your own)

7:00PM - Doors open

7:30PM - General Session 2

9:30PM - Worship Concert

12AM - Curfew


8:30AM - Doors Open

9 AM - Missions Service

11:00-1:45PM - Lunch (on your own)

1:45PM - Doors open

2:00-4:00PM - Session 3

Behavior Guidelines
Hotels & Event Venue

No youth group will be permitted to attend without adequate supervision. We ask that you bring one adult for every room of teenagers that will be staying in an area hotel. ISM will assume NO responsibility for the supervision of students in hotels.

We expect that all students and leaders honor a 12AM curfew, and be in their hotel rooms with lights out by 12:15 AM to honor other hotel and area guests. Each church is responsible to ISM, and their hotel in contract for the behavior of their students and leaders.

Individuals and churches will be responsible to pay for any damages to hotel or event venue. Churches are responsible to make their own reservations with the hotel of their choice and follow any policies as outlined by that hotel. In the event of any on-site cancellations or changes, any and all applicable penalties will apply.

No fireworks, smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs, knives, weapons of any kind, or profanity is allowed. Violators will be immediately removed from the event at their own expense.

Momentum Etiquette

All staff memebers are authorized to maintain order at any location hosting Momentum for the duration of the conference. We reserve the right to inspect the contents of all personal belongings. The holding and/or disposal of improper contents is the right of the Conference Staff.

Wristbands and registration ID’s (where applicable) must be worn at all times.

Attendance at ALL Momentum activities is required. Loitering in the lobby and/or other areas not reserved and in use by our event is prohibited. We do not allow guys and girls to be in the same hotel room, or any other unsupervised location, under any circumstance. No public display of affection (PDA) is allowed.

Permissions & Release

By attending Momentum Youth Conference all participants grant permission for on-site conference and medical staff, or other responsible person of said conference to consent to any x-ray, examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical treatment, and hospital care, to be rendered to the participant under the general or special supervision and on the advice of any physician or surgeon licensed to practice in the United States, when such medical or surgical treatment is necessary.

By attending Momentum Youth Conference all participants grant ISM permission to reproduce any photograph and/or video image of them for promotional usage without any obligation to them.

Momentum Hotel Details


All times and distances correspond to the location of the hotel and its proximity to the Event Venue. Included dates are the last day each hotel will guarantee Momentum special pricing. Reservations may be made after published dates at the availability and discretion of each hotel, however special Momentum rates may not apply after the cutoff date. Churches are responsible to make their own reservations at the hotel of their choice and follow any policies as outlined by that hotel. Published room rates do not include standard hotel taxes.

School Absence Letter

If your student is in need of a dated letter on ISM letterhead requesting an excused absence from their school on the Friday of Momentum, you can download it here.